We are happy to announce that we are looking for 2/3 Ambassadors to promote our new Collections. We are looking for gymnasts who love our products and want to receive free clothing from us to wear to their training, comps, etc in return for promoting our products to their friends and on social media sites.


You will receive from us free products from our current ranges and new ranges (sometimes even before they go on sale to the public). In addition to this you will also get a 50% discount code to use on our website for the duration of your Ambassador Reign. You will also receive publicity from us via our website, Facebook and Instagram accounts. EVERY entry will also receive a 10% discount code which will be valid until 15th December 2016 on all items at


Wear our Gymwear Collections as often as you can to training, classes, competitions etc and upload photographs of yourself (at least 2 per week) to your Facebook/Instagram Accounts tagging #earlgymwear and our web address on each photograph. That's all you have to do to be an Earl Gym Wear Ambassador!!


Our Ambassador Search 2017 will run until 30th January 2017, we will choose our finalists by 10th February and the winner will be announced by 21st February 2017. See below for entry details:

1) Follow us on Instagram (@earlfymwear) and Facebook (Earl Gym Wear) and post a copy of our Ambassador Poster onto your timeline/page. (Your pages must be public so we can see the poster on your timeline, anyone not displaying the poster will not be entered into the Search Selection)

2) You must live in the UK

3) You must be between 5yrs and 18yrs to enter

4) Post a photograph of yourself to your timeline/page with the tags #earlgymwear #egwambassadorsearch2017 @earlgymwear (Your pages must be public so we can see your entry. For Facebook users under 13 years we are happy for these posts to go on a guardians page)

5) You can submit as many photographs as your want, we will look at them all!!

6) Send us a DM to let us know you have entered. Include in the DM your name, age, town, gym club and email address so we can send you your 10% discount code for entering the search.

7) You are not eligible to enter if you are an Ambassador for another gymnastics leotard company and if successful must be an ambassador for Earl Gym Wear only for the duration of the Reign (minimum 3 months).

8) You agree that any photographs you post wearing our products can be used by us to promote our Collections and in turn promote you as a gymnast